Ethiopia on the Web talks to Wosene Kosrof, an Ethiopian artist who has gained immense international recognition with his works now in permanent display at the Smithsonian Museum. 

Wosene says the following about his unique style: I have been working with Amharic calligraphy for more than twenty-five years...the language taught me, however, of its volume, its beauty, its texture, and of the vastness of its breaking symbols into pieces, distorting and exaggerating them, then reshaping them into new forms, I discovered they have life...They are celebrations, rituals, birth, life, and death.

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It has been 40 years since young American men and women responded to JFK's call to build a bridge between the people of the US and the developing world.  To remind both Ethiopians and Americans that the bond built in those days is still strong and should continue, our Editors talk to Joe Ciuffini, a peace corps volunteer who taught in beautiful Harar and still maintains a remarkable closeness with Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

"Ethiopia on the Web" interviewed G.E. Gorfu. Click here for full text.