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Selam all,

A very successful celebration commemorating the centennial of the victory at Adwa was held in the Bay Area yesterday. Abune Melketsadik opened the event with a prayer and followed with a brief discourse on the significance of religion then and now. Abune Melketsadik were followed by a historical recount by Abay Negussie, a UYE member. Artist Tesfaye Seama presented the noble advancements Emperror Menelik introduced to Ethiopia and he followed that with a short drama of Abune Petros. Professor Tilahun Yilma gave an insight into where we should be looking in the future, Dr. Fikre Tolossa, Ato Tegne Wase and a fellow CAL alumni Rebeka Mammo read some moving poems. Ene LeHagere theater group entertained and mesmorized us with their fookera. Ato Mulugeta Dubale enthralled us with folklore. All in all, it was a tremendous success.

On behalf of UYE, I would like to thank the more than 200 attendees and the participants in the program. As requested, I recall at least 2 video recordings going on simultaneously.

We now look forward to this upcoming weekend (March 8th & 9th). Our sister chapter in Los Angeles is holding their program.


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