A-!m!ro Ethiopia

A discussion forum for Ethiopian thought, History, philosophy, biography etc.

Volume 1: Special issue --- Edited by Araya Amsalu --- December 2, 1992

Subject: Awaj! awaj! yesemah sema, lalsema asema!!

Selam Wegenochie, endet senebetachehu?

After observing the interest on the issue of Ethiopian thought , I am starting this column every Thursday starting from this one. We will be discussing issues such as history, philosophy, biography and other social issues such as approaches on modernization etc. I am relying on all members for contributions once we trigger the discussions.

The first few postings will be on Zerayaqob & Ethiopian philosophy to follow up the discussion going on now. As ZeraYaqob said it 350 years ago "Never forget that everything has a right time; the greatest wisdom of all is knowing the right time for what you do".

I would appreciate it if there is anybody willing to contribute on this topic. In that case, please contact me by email.

A word about the name of the title: it means knowledge/brain of Ethiopia. I want to add it has nothing to do with the AEMERO ETHIOPIA magazine printed in LA.


Araya Amsalu