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  • Chora Publishing Services, a publishing division of EEDN has now published 2 books in 1999 in association with Brana Printing Press.
    • Qetchemo - Collection of Poems by Zenebe Bekele.
    • Melikte Mistir - Collection of Essays by Dawit Berhanu.

    Zenebe's poems were originally posted on EEDN and form an attractive literary part of EEDN. For more information and ordering please contact Chora Publishing Services at: Chora

  • Also consider joining EEDN where our resident poets, Ato Zenebe Bekele, Ato Dawit, Ato Tadelle G/Hiwot, Ato Amha Asfaw, W/o Sara Amesalu and Ato Bemnet post their literay pieces regularly.

For comments, suggestions, questions, contributions of literary pieces and more information, please contact Samuel at bikila_97@yahoo.com

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