Gorfu Contra Nietzsche: Author G. E. Gorfu, Vantage Press, Inc. New York
1999 Foreword by Anthony M.Mlikotin, Professor Emeritus, USC, Los Angeles
p.166 (USA ISBN: 0-533-12731-9 Catalog Card - Library of the Congress No.:

The book is dedicated to the memory of Zemenfes Kidus Abraha Gorfu, a famous
Ethiopian writer of several theological books, poet, Philosopher, and the
father of the author.

The discovery in this book, which is a new category in philosophy, gives us
a basic scientific understanding of the Philosophical and Sociological
phenomenon which we will name, "Nietzsche-Stalin Phenomenon". Dialectics has
now been equipped with this new tool, and armed with this key, we will be
able to touch new levels of understanding in the past of human history. This
is the main contribution of Gorfu in that book.

In the beginning I need to explain my personal reasons for the analysis of
this book by Gebre Eyesus Gorfu.

The Ethiopian civilization had developed long before the Iliad (Greek
culture), and very probably, the Ethiopian model of civilization had existed
long before the Egyptian culture.

I had two important starting points for this. First - in the very first
poetry of the Iliad by Homer, where he express in the beginning of the first
song about Zeus who, together with all immortals, went to visit the
respectable Ethiopians.

Yesterday Kronus went beyond the Ocean,

To feast with the respectable Ethiopians and,

Along with him went all immortals...

(Homer, The Iliad, first song Lines: 418-420)

From another translation we have it rendered thus: -

Zeus made a journey to the shore of Ocean

To feast among the Sunburned*, and the gods

Accompanied him...

                (Lines: 418-420 from the translation by
Robert Fitzgerald, winner of the 1976 Harold Morton Landon Translation

* "Sunburned" is not the correct translation of the word Ethiopia. In the
original Greek the word used is 'Ethiopians'. This is also the case in
Russian, in Bulgarian, and in the Polish translations. In the original Greek
the meaning Ethiopia came to mean the land of the sunburned (darkened by the
Sun) people. Robert Fitzgerald's translation is incorrect.

If it can be said that the ancient Greek gods, led by Zeus, would visit
Ethiopia in the very beginning of the Iliad - that is already evidence for
the existence of something of great importance and worthy of the visit by
'Zeus and all immortals'. By all immortals is meant all the gods in the
Hellenic mythology. That mythology is in the very beginning of the main
creation of the Ancient Greeks. And The Iliad making that relationship very
early in the story gives evidence of an important place in the story.
Ethiopian civilization is older than the Classical Hellas civilization, and
probably older than the Egyptian civilization too. The river Nile starts
from Ethiopia high up in the mountains, and civilization must have flowed
down from there along with the flow of the Nile. In many archeological
findings human habitations start in the mountains not in the plains. Second
point of my base was the name Egypt. The structure of that word in English
and also in Greek - Eg-ypt. Egg-ypt - means 'egg', or ovum. That is the
second evidence - the original name of Egypt, Massur civilization precedes
European civilization. Massur in Bulgarian means the person who mixes, or
the mixer, and by that Egypt is known as a land of mixed races and nations.
The same meaning is obtained in Amharic and in Arabic. Historically that is
the truth. Europeans destroyed the manuscripts in the Alexandria library and
after that rejected all past history of Africa "scientifically". This was
done on purpose, and it opened the road for the creation of the racial
theory. In English too, the word Eg-ypt can be traced to the ancient Greek
word meaning Egg-hipt, ego, to itself, as in ego - centric, (self centered)
and thereby, the center of the World, and no doubt, the beginning of

Now, Gorfu is a US citizen, founder and owner of an Educational Institute in
California, a highly educated computer specialist with a degree from
England, and author of several more new books. At our meeting in Addis Ababa
25 years ago my impression was that he was going to develop in the field of
science. And I was sure of that. He has continued to work on his poetry and
on the history of philosophy. Finally, I believe, he would open European
eyes to their historical ignorance of Ethiopia, and its relationship with
European civilization over the last 2000 years. He is the third generation
in a line of important and remarkable Ethiopian thinkers. His great
grandfather on his mothers' side was the great scholar, Haleka Tewolde
Medhin Gebru, who translated the Bible into the Tigrinya language from
Hebrew, Geez and Swedish, and also authored a scholarly book on "The
Existence of God". His father too, Zemenfes Kidus Abraha Gorfu, was a
theological writer and scholar who authored half a dozen theological books.
It is a natural phenomenon, therefore, that G. E. Gorfu should develop in
the level that I see him now. I was definitely sure of this even a quarter
of a century ago, and I have no doubt in predicting his next development. He
will be the window for the coming science of the next millenium to open the
hidden Ethiopian secrets that have been kept in the dark for all the past

Contemporary science needs the contributions of G. E. Gorfu. That neediness,
that necessity, was not realized for the last two milleniums. One reason for
this, probably, is that old haughty, aloof, and secretive Ethiopian
characteristic, from the inside of the door. The other reason from outside
the door: - the realization by the Greek Orthodox Church the schism over the
Ethiopian Orthodox Church a thousand years ago. (The Bizantium Patriarch of
the Orthodox Church had condemned and declared "anathema" on Ethiopian, and
its Church.) I have no doubt that this was what practically closed the door
for any relationship with the Ethiopian Civilization and Greek (European)

This is at the root of all the dark cloud hanging over the Ethiopian
phenomenon, and the rest of the African continent. It has resulted in
malicious and systematic denigration and racial discrimination against
Africans throughout the past milleniums. That also explains Gorfu's revolt
against Nietzsche. That is his motto.

My past training and experience until 1990 was in the Communist science and
philosophy. The Marx - Lenin theory rejected totally Nietzsche and his
racial base. Yet, this was done without any analysis - only total rejection.
In many ex-communist countries and in the philosophy books written in
Russian, there are many rejections of Nietzsche from the time of Marx and
Lenin, up to the new period. But there does not exist even a single work
with such deep analysis covering all Nietzsche's major works, while
simultaneously quoting each of Nietzsche's arguments. Gorfu does this by
using the Bible as a base and a historic backdrop for the philosophy of
racial purity and all the associated theories developed by Hitler and the
National Socialists of Germany. The similarity is also comparable to the
"Communist Dictatorship of the Proletariat' developed in the Eastern block.

The research by Gorfu goes even deeper in describing the seeds of
sociological racial hegemony in history from the religious point of view.
Probably in his future works he will describe the biological side of that,
as he pointed that to the next phase of his project. It is in conformity
with a law of the society in which he lives that such research came to be
published in the USA. That, in it self, is a victory for the tradition of
North American Philosophy. This is possible only here, only in America.

From all the works of Nietzsche only "Zarathustra" (1942) was translated
into the Bulgarian language. But even that work was largely ignored by the
Communist system because of its religious metaphors, and treated like other
religious books like the Bible, the Koran, etc.

For that reason, in his important book "The Fascism", the Bulgarian author
Zheliu Zhelev, (1990 Columbia University Press, N.Y.) did not get into any
research on Nietzsche. His research is very important for the history of
Nazism. The similarity between the description by Z. Zhelev's "The Fascism"
and the Communist model of government put that book in a special camp, - the
jail. And it was banned. Incidentally, the same thing had happened to
Gorfu's father, Zemenfes Kidus Abraha, as he was arrested, and his books
banned, for criticizing some of the traditional practices of the Ethiopian
Orthodox Church.

Now even at the end of 1999 we still see, again and again, many attempts for
racial discrimination. The existence of Neo Nazi organizations, WAR, (White
Aryan Resistance), The Aryan Brotherhood, The National Front, etc., as well
as many Nietzsche Societies in US, and around the World, is an evidence of
this. This is not exclusive to the West. As the Aryan Superman was a direct
derivative and product of Nietzsche's philosophy, that same image was
multiplied in all Communists literature like a standard, and re-labeled 'the
healthy part of society', - and absorbed into all the work of philosophers
of Communism.

Africa -That is the main conflict in history. This is what has been kept a
secret in history for so long. Ancient pharaohs, the government and the
administrative system of ancient Egypt, were black Africans. The black
ruling people dominated the white people and made them slaves in ancient
Egypt. All complexes of historical understanding resulted from this
domination and discrimination over the white people of Israel by the black
Africans. The revolt of Mosses was the revolt of the white Israelis against
their black rulers. In the next three milleniums the discriminated whites
had already become the discriminators. We need to have this understanding to
fully comprehend Gorfu's book.

Darwin, in his theory, placed the white people on the top of human
evolution, but historically, that is not the reality. That is simply not
true. Darwin needs to 'change' some aspects of his theory. But he is not
alive, and cannot do that now. The question is how, by a genetic way, the
white race was geologically produced from black people? And that is the new
point. New, because Darwin's theory is now only a hypothesis. We need the
real explanation to come from genetic understanding how the white and the
yellow people were produced from the black, with the axiom that the black
race existed first. The blacks are the beginners of civilization. All
succeeding civilizations have come down from that model.

From cythogenetics we already have a good understanding of the cytology of
non-pigmented, non-colored people, the white people. The larger quantity of
melanin in the skin of black people is the difference. The Eskimos who live
six months in the dark and six months in daylight have geological reasons to
lose the melanin from the sun and from the food they eat. Throughout
geological past the Eskimos have used foods with much less chlorophyll than
the Africans, who never even experienced an ice age. That gives a geological
advantage for the black races to start civilization. All other cultures were
students of that African model. The next evolutionary explanation is the
duty of cythogenetics. These specialists should give us the specific
explanations of human development by biochemistry and the development from

Definitely, after a long geological period, some black people who lost the
base of forming melanin became white, and transformed into the snow white
Eskimos in the north.

To be understood in the best way Gorfu needs to be evaluated with all this
attempts. Many of the secrets of the Egyptian architectural tradition could
find the key now in the Ethiopian past. The Agricultural History and
experience of the river Nile has its beginning experience in the source, the
Blue Nile part of Ethiopia. The art of preparing writing materials for
manuscripts from ancient past still exists now in Ethiopia, by papyrus, by
leather, by ceramic... The Ethiopian tradition with stone work and the
building of large monuments predates the Egyptian experience. Probably,
ancient Ethiopian stone engineers taught Egyptian builders. The use of caves
for religious ceremonies is totally native to Ethiopia. The range of secrets
in Ethiopian agricultural tradition started in Upper Nile and moved down to
Lower Egypt and was then adopted by ancient Egyptians in the Nile Delta.

After his, section by section, analysis of Nietzsche's life and philosophy,
Gorfu discovered that, "Nietzsche never worked with his hands, never planted
or harvested, never carved or painted. He never married or fathered any
children, legitimate or illegitimate... he never even experienced normal
sexual intercourse with a human being" (p.51). Gorfu observes the same in
Hitler's image. This is true of Lenin, too, and with some gaps in Marx and
Stalin's life, we see these similar defects the same as in Nietzsche, and
with the same behavior. In Nietzsche, Gorfu finds some manliness only in his
exaggerated mustached face (p.59). The same can be said of Hitler's face,
and that small goatee in Lenin's chin.

Stalin also had some behavioral and hereditary physical defects, which
formed his image. But all that exists in Gorfu's analysis like an undivided
part of Nietzsche's individuality and all his followers who accepted his
ideas of the "Superman". Only the defective needs to prove superiority.
Gorfu has discovered this important and remarkable phenomenon as a major
philosophical category.

The detailed description of this sociological phenomenon exits in history,
not only with Nietzsche, but also with a range of bad political leaders. In
Nietzsche, however, that is the model. This discovery is the great
contribution of Gorfu.

Gorfu's conception starts with Alexander the Great (p. 20) and ends with
Stalin, (p. 133) and in its own category, contains all strange historical
monsters between these two dark heroes. Here Gorfu explores with very
interesting terminology, and describes the Aryan/Superman, 'Ubermenschen'
and the concept of the process of 'National egoism'. The people chosen by
the gods for something special are the Mandarin class, the blue blood, the
noble, and the ruling caste. This analysis is done mobilizing all
philosophical tools on three levels. Fist, using all the theological
traditions in the history of Europe, from Moses to Gandhi. Second, using the
classical dialectics from Socrates and Aristotle to Hegel, Newton and
Leibniz. Third, contradicting, and defeating the first two with the
Ethiopian tradition based on theological grounds, and supported by concepts
of ancient Chinese wisdom. All this is typical of Gorfu's method of
dialectical analysis.

Every short piece quoted from Nietzsche is immediately followed by Gorfu's
philosophical irony, coming from a healthy logic. Gorfu's complete analysis
is constructed by the first part of 48 levels of arguments, followed by the
second part of 83, and the final conclusions of 21. With these 152 main
arguments Gorfu destroys all Nietzsche's pseudo philosophy, coming two
centuries after him. Gorfu comes to the conclusion that the barbarian period
is repeated by a natural law in succeeding stages of civilization.

The main conclusion of Gorfu's analysis results after the work and action of
Nietzscheanism in all its variants and the racial development - that is "An
eye for eye" - the result is two blind people. "A tooth for a tooth" - the
result is two toothless people. In his 152 arguments Gorfu touches on all
world knowledge from ancient Oriental wisdom and The Old Testaments to Moses
and Trotsky, and down even to present day Professor Bernd Magnus, a
Nietzsche scholar, teaching in the University of Riverside, California. That
is a pretty large canvas depicting an anti-racial subject. It is amazing how
Gorfu gives only one explanation of his victory over Nietzsche - backed by
the tradition of old Ethiopian philosophy his arguments work perfectly.

Another important part of the book is the eleven appendixes and the
bibliography. That is the part where Gorfu quotes and criticizes Nietzsche's
original philosophy. Appendix four contains the classical dream of
Nietzsche. But this is not just a dream. This is the real Nietzsche. The
same is in all the other appendixes. On the next issue of this book, Gorfu
should, perhaps, add the examples from Stalin's philosophical 'wisdom', in
detailed, picturesque contours to express in full the
Nietzsche-Hitler-Stalin phenomenon. All three, philosophers with moustaches,
fit the phenomenon. Here is the irony discovered by Gorfu.

Gorfu's background is his engineering education from England. He never
studied formal philosophy in the European style. And he stands on the
correct position for his logic based on his Ethiopian tradition of
philosophy. For us in the West that knowledge is terra incognita. His mind
works first in Amharic, after that in English. The same is with his logic.

But during his engineering studies in London he must have read all the
British philosophers from Hobbs and Newton, to Marx. And he has examined all
European philosophers from the ancient times to the present. That is clearly
visible from his book.

Leon Trotsky is the symbol of World Revolution with real scientific meaning.
This is what created the conflict with Stalin. In Gorfu's book Trotsky is a
positive historical hero. He was the illegal victim of Stalin. With that
metaphor, Gorfu gives the perspective for scientific structure for the
future of the world. And this will be the agreement between the Old World
and Africa.

No doubt, Gorfu takes an important place in the fight with the misanthropic
Nietzsche and his theory, and achieved victory over that. Even if that is
his only book, Gorfu will always have a place in the History of Philosophy.
That is a definite theoretical creation. That book was possible only in the
US tradition of Philosophy. That is an achievement of the Northern American
style of philosophy, and is an end of mankind starting after the Old
Testament. That final conclusion was possible only for one coming from a
country equivalent to ancient Egypt, and from a thinker coming from a long
and ancient tradition.

The phenomenon discovered by Gorfu gives us the key for a new basis of
understanding the main events in the Twentieth Century, as well as in all
previous history. That is a remarkable sociological discovery.

I would give Gorfu the Nobel Award, for the year 2000 for exceptional
contribution for the Philosophy and the Literature with great meaning, if
that were in my hands. And that would be with a deep sense of respect. Such
an action will be greatly constructive, and would show the wisdom, and
visionary perspective of the Nobel Committee. African development is in the
horizon, and the down of tomorrow will show this to be a truth. The
developing of Africa is coming. Gorfu says Europe should not be watching
only for its own interest and ignore this important continent, Africa, and
its past. The circle finally will be closed. A dawn of a new knowledge is
coming by the old water of river Nile...

The cultural revival of Africa is surely coming, and Gorfu has put a
remarkable order for that with his book by a dialectical analysis over the
dark philosophy of aggression and dictatorship by disabled people, which
created the deformations in history.


Date: December 15, 199

Dr. Iskren Azmanov, Doctor of Ancient History, and the History of
Philosophy of Science, Specialist in Biology and Genetics, Member of AAAS,
Visiting Reasercher UCSB.

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