July 1996

13(d) B4-0892, 0917, and 0930/96


The European Parliament,

Having regard to its previous resolutions on Ethiopia, in particualar that of 27 October 1994 on human rihgts in Ethiopia;

A. having regard to the importance of the process of democratic and institutional change in Ethiopia,

B. whereas respect for human rights, democratic princples and the rule of law constitute essential elements of the revised Lome IV Convention,

C. concerned at the arrest without charges at Addis Ababa airport of Mr. Taye Woldesemayat, chairman of the Ethiopian Teachers' Association, upon his retrun from Europe, where he gave a series of talks,

D. whereas since his arrest, Mr. Taye Woldesemayat has been denied access to his lawyer and fmaily,

E. recalling that the members of the Ethiopian Teachers Associaiton have been harassed for the past four years,

F. concerned at the arbitrary arrest of Mr. Aberra Yemane Ab, who has been in prison since December 1993 after being arrested on his return to Ethiopia from the United States,

1. Calls, in the absence of charges, for the immediate release of Mr. Taye Woldesemayat and repeats its call for the release of Mr. Abera Yemane Ab and Professor Asrat Woldeyes;

2. Calls on the Ethiopian authorities to guarantee complete freedom of expression and action to the Ethiopian Teachers' Association;

3. Considers that civil society's democratic rights and independence must be fully respected;

4. Recognizes the progress achieved with regard to human rights, but calls on the Council and the Commission to inform the Ethiopian authorities of its concerns with regard to the full respect for human rights in Ethiopia;

5. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council, the Ethiopian Government, the OAU, the Human Rights Commission of the OAU and the co-Presidents of the ACP-EU Joint Assembly.

========== End ==============