Ethiopian Engineering Resources

Ethiopian Building Code Standards:

A ten series building code standards is used currently in Ethiopia. A summary of some of them are documented here. (Members of the Project Council are: Abashawl W/Mariam (Chmn), Alemayehu Gizaw, Bekele Mekonnen, Negussie Tebedge, Seifu Birke, Wouhib Kebede, et al.)

Summary of Ethiopian Building Code (EBCS- 1-95) for wind analysis and design of buildings.

EBCS-2- 95 - Structural Use of Concrete.
EBCS-3-95 - Design of Steel Structures.
EBCS-4-95 - Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures.
EBCS-5-95 - Utilization of Timber.
EBCS-6-95 - Design of Masonry Structures.
EBCS-7-95 - Foundations.

Summary of Ethiopian Building Code (EBCS- 8-95) for earthquake analysis and design of buildings.

EBCS-9- 95 - Plumbing Services of Buildings.
EBCS-10-95 - Electrical Installation of Buildings.

Water Resources Information

Center for Blue Nile (Tqur Abay) River Studies.

Resources on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake Engineering Resources Center

Engineering Firms

arrow.GIF (498 bytes)Engineering software vendors in Ethiopia (AutoCAD, Mathematica, FEM software, etc.).

ANSYS, Inc. Africa ASD - MECAD Systems Ltd, South Africa, Peter Schon, Phone: 27.12.665.1400. Fax:


This page is designed to be a source of information on structural, mechanical, water resources, computational mechanics and software engineering practices in Ethiopia. EthCITA (Ethiopian Computing and Information Technology Association, Inc.) has initiated a project as part of its plan for 2000 to build online resources that are of significant interest to the various engineering communities in Ethiopia and abroad who are directly involved in projects, policy-making and research.

The project will concentrate on the above areas at the beginning and will eventually encompass other areas of engineering.










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