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Human rights week observance and electronic mail conference


by Wondimu Mekonnen,
Stirling, Scotland, UK.

Hear us we cry human race,
Ethiopians are taken hostage,
Motherland in disgrace,
Back to the tribal age!

Bush boys are in town,
Addis is under siege;
Tearing unity down,
Taking citizens hostage!

The streets are no more safe,
Too risky task to walk,
Frightened and chafe
No one is free to talk,

Churches are no more immune
Nor holy Moslem mosques;
Sanctuaries out of tune,
Death roams in its masks.

Criminals are in power;
Riot at 'Arat Kilo'!
We shrink and cower;
Crime is now the law.

Trapped in an ethnic web,
Hiding place to run;
Confidence at its ebb,
Killer's barrel of a gun.

Abesha lives in a limbo,
Enduring all out attack;
A feeling full of a gumbo,
Too baffled to fight back!

Clutter treks all along,
'Divide and rule' band,
Enclaves built strong;
Bantustanized homeland
Singing tribal song
No where to go no where to stay
What is right what is wrong!
When to muffle when to say!
Figuring out "where to belong"'
Learning the tribal way.

Prison camps are crowded,
Refugees flock to exile;
Citizens are grounded,
Colonial reign style.

One needs permission to talk,
Raising a tribal hand;
Getting a warrant to walk,
Accepted "ethnic homeland."

It is a God given right to think,
Why should one be licensed?
It's a human nature to speak,
Why should we be silenced!

Life has become so unfair!
Crying land for a peace
The whole nation is in despair!
There is too much injustice.

Refusing to bow to such an order;
Every one is paying a price;
Too proud a nation to surrender;
A daily sacrifice!

Our heroes are in prison,
Union leaders, activists;
Dr Asrat for treason,
Countless journalists;
Absolutely for no reason,
Incarcerated humanists;
Dr Taye's heroism,
In defence of Union;
Equated to terrorism,
Fearing his opinion;
Typical of despotism
Shame in shackles in dungeon!

Trade Unions are harassed,
Patriots are bashed;
Professionals - dismissed,
Human rights are crashed.

A taboo term "unity",
Such ideas have no place;
No employment security
Millions are jobless
Caged in narrow enclaves:
The future is hopeless,
Treated like slaves;
Our pain is endless.

However, we promise
We shall rise up again
Albeit all these abyss
"Ethiopians" we shall remain!

>From horizon to horizon,
We hear a freedom call;
Break out prison!
There is a limit to all!

One way or another,
Peacefully or by force;
Defiantly we shall gather,
Dying for the right cause.
Be it later or sooner,
This nonsense has to be stopped;
We shall regain our honour,
Injustice has to be mopped;
It is no joke nor humour,
Democracy is neglected;
It is a fact not rumour,
Human rights are violated!
Today or tomorrow,
We shall revive anew;
To hell with such a sorrow!
Let the struggle continue!

Down with tribalism!
Indeed unity does matter!!
Long live patriotism!
Ethiopia deserves better!