Ethiopian Computing and Information Technology Association, Inc. (EthCITA)

Selam EEDN Members:

A couple of weeks ago, the EthCITA Board of Directors had requested the EEDN community to nominate Ethiopian men and women who have made outstanding contributions to their society and profession in the fields of computing and information technology (IT). The EEDN community had responded by sending the list of nominees for this year's recognition program.

Even though, the EthCITA board had opted to select two nominees, primarily due to the experimental nature of the program and lack of time and band-width in view of other on-going EEDN issues, we were pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the long list of nominees.

After due consideration, the current EthCITA Board of Directors has selected:

1) Professor Achamyeleh Debela, Professor of Art and Director of Computing Center for the Arts at the North Carolina Central University, and

2) Ato Abass Alamnehe, Owner and Founder of EthiO Systems as winners of its 1995 recognition program.

These two gentlemen are accomplished Ethiopians who have gained respect and recognition in the Ethiopian community not only for their professional success but also for their outstanding and exemplary participation and leadership in community affairs. Through their own words, you will learn more about the early upbringings, schooling, professional activities and opinion of these distinguished Ethiopians. It took quite a significant off-line communication and persistence to coax these modest gentlemen to share details of their vivid recollections of childhood in Ethiopia and their professional lives.

For us at EthCITA , it has been a pleasant and rewarding experience to have interacted with Professor Acha and Ato Abass. We sincerely hope that these feature articles will encourage our younger brothers and sisters to excel and share the fruits of their success with their community. A young Ethiopian graduate student, Ayalkebet Shifferaw, will bring these feature articles to you. EthCITA would like to thank him for this valuable contribution.

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, without further due.....Here are the winners of this year's EthCITA recognition program:

1) Professor Acha Debela

Professor of Art and Director of Computing Center for the Arts at the North Carolina Central University.

2) Ato Abass Alamnehe

Owner and Founder of EthiO Systems

Wishing you a joyful Holiday season and a Happy 1996!

EthCITA Board of Directors