Photo Essay - Addis Ababa - June 24, 2001 -  MediaEthiopia

(July 4, 2001) - Addis Ababa

On a cloudy but crisp Kremt morning this weekend,  MediaEthiopia's photographer took some of these pictures at Piassa - Addis Ababa's most lively uptown.

Pictures from bottom-left going clock-wise. 

- Arada Market Center 

- Another view of the Arada Market Center. The 15-story Arada Building is seen at the back of the Center. This building took 11 years to complete during the Dergue time. Its color is perhaps one of the ugliest next to the new glass, steel and concrete building the EBG (Equatorial Business Group) is building in Bole. Talking about EBG....who are these guys, anyway? We hear the Sheikh's name being mentioned. But whatever they do, they just don't seem to get the colors right. 

- Some of the hottest coffee places in Piassa: Arada Bar and Restaurant: The Twins Gurage Kitfo, The Twins Bar and Pool, Leziz Cafe in the first floor. The second floor houses Mily Cafe, Sydney Snack and Bar and Sydney Cafe (Sydney? Are the owners returnees from Sydney or what?). In Addis one finds wacky names of businesses like Alma Ata Dentist (Guess where the doctor dude studied?), Atlanta Kitfo Bet, Seatle Motel, etc.  


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