Photo Essay - Addis Ababa - June 24, 2001 -  MediaEthiopia
(June 18, 2001) - Addis Ababa

Earlier in the week, MediaEthiopia's photographer spent a morning documenting the progress of two of Addis Ababa's much anticipated construction projects, the Ring Road and the new Bole Terminal building.

The pictures show (from left-bottom going clock-wise), the completed overpasses of the ring road near the Bole Airport. 


The Picture in the middle shows the new terminal building which was scheduled to be completed in May 2001. Delays may have postponed its completion to as late as October 2001.

LG, one of Korea's jiant corporates has a big presence in Addis Ababa and has already grabbed a premium advertising real estate right at the entrance to new the airport.

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