"...A column for Ethiopian culture, geography, History, literature, music, k'ne, humor, current affairs and the like...."

NUMBER 1..---< < < < < For the EEDN community > > > > > > --- October, 1992

The humble beginnings of this column......

Selam wd wegenoC! Indemn alaCu?

Egzi' abher yibarkih Ato Fisseha for the timely suggestions you made this evening. The network has been flooded with political and ethnic talks for some time now. While it was educational at many times, it has now reached a stage where it is not only boring, but is eclipsing more positive discussions and information exchange. Again even though discussing such topics is healthy to a certain extent, postings of the same content day in day out 15-20 times a day not only tires the audience but simply destroys the desire to learn and interact more. I, for one, has found myself discarding messages after message right after reading the subject heading. Nothing personal to any of the posters but the repetitive nature of a tired topic is killing all my desire to read. Maybe we could come back to it later on after a good break and more positive attitude.

In this context, Ato Fisseha's suggestion is a highly welcome fresh breeze of Ye'meskerem a'yer.

For instance, one volunteer Ethiopian could start a column on humor. I am sure it will be a welcome change. Somebody else could introduce us to a very interesting aspect of the particular area of Ethiopia he/she comes from or has been to. The list is limitless.

For my part, I got the following. (trivia in a sense but won't kill you.)

* Does anyone know why Ye'Wonji Lijoch have a yellowish teeth. (trust me it has nothing to do with the Wonji sukar fabrika.) Anyone from Nazareth or Mojo?

* How many springs(min'choch) are there in ARBA MINCH? (It is not the obvious!)

* Right before you enter Awassa, there is a very peculiar river with a name that catches your attention. The name,. (Anyone from Awassa?)

* It is one of the most populated parts of Ethiopia. I remember travelling in that area with my father and we kept on seeing people after people for about the whole rugged plateau inhabited by this interesting Ethiopians. It is perhaps the only place in the nation, where they have a time old tradition of terracing their land. The show is not over until you see a semetary of a serial killer. They have this custom where, at the cemetary, they put wooden sculptures of the men the deceased has killed. Sometimes you just see one wooden figure, sometimes a couple but I never saw that of a serial killer. They are usually laid back and peaceful but since resources are limited(especially land, hence the terracing), I suspect fights leading to death are not uncommon. ....... Did I lose you?

The clue is ... you will have to pass WALAMO SODO, perhaps M'erab Abaya, Lante and Lake Chamo before you are in their territory. Who are these people?

.....And like the late Paulos Ngo Ngo would say, here is M'raki.

* The author of such books like

-- "Degree ya'sabadew"

-- "Hirut abatwa manew?"

-- "Ye' Odessa file"

-- "Khartoum hido kere"

-- "Ye' debub Sudan bit-bit"

Who is the author? Anybody from Asmara? He was a resident there for a couple of years.

* ye m'raki m'raki

Perhaps the only quite famous journalist to kill himself unceremoniously. The reason, who will ever know? But we were told it was because he had an affair with the wife of a colonel in H/Selassie's army. Rumor had it it was the colonel who had him killed and staged the "suicide". TV watchers missed him. As his name goes, he was out there to convince us.

His name??

Belu melkam ken.


Samuel K