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Human rights week observance and electronic mail conference

Dates: 3-8 March, 1997
Dedication: To past and present Ethiopian men and women who gave up their freedom, family, friends and career to struggle for a democratic Ethiopia.

Wondimu Mekonnen, Stirling, Scotland, UK.

Mother please don't cry;
No doubt days are bad;
Wipe tears let them dry;
Avoid looking so sad.
Be courageous dear mum;
Put your house in order;
Face it up gather momentum;
You are a mother soldier!
Hang on there sweet darling;
We know you are so frail;
But got to go on living;
Even though life is cruel.
Surely we share your anger;
Truly we sense the strain;
We do see the looming danger;
Mum, we too can feel your pain.

Here comes news of horror;
There goes cry of toil;
Mama stripped of honour;
Family thrown in turmoil.
You're in trouble again;
Battered, cut and bruised;
Bound, tied up in chain;
Mocked, humiliated 'n abused.
Your children are bullied;
The house has been ransacked;
Your wealth is swindled;
Your honour has been attacked.
Watch out those tormentors;
They are out with a plan;
Wicked conspirators;
Not to leave you alone.
They are plotting to kill;
The mother of all nations;
Negotiating a deal;
How to share up portions.
One claims your right hand;
Another wants your left;
That has a strange demand;
This goes for your breast.
Some quarrel over your legs;
Others brag to break your chest;
These to pull out your lungs;
Those to pluck up your heart.

Scalpels are sharp 'n ready;
Shining knives bright;
Hungry wolves greedy;
Gnashing teeth for a bite.
Mother shoo away those vultures;
Chase them scare to depart;
Give in not to those butchers;
Don't let them tear you apart.
Allow them not to kill you;
Death still can wait for years;
Living you have to continue;
Leave us not orphans in tears.
Mummy, come here lie low;
We shall offer you some rest;
Let's share few of the blows;
We can bear some on the chest.
Ma, they have no right!
They can't kill you no way!
To the end we shall fight!
Hang on there another day.
Sister is rushing down;
Brother is on his way;
A new era soon to dawn;
That will be your rescue day.
Lady, don't break in tears;
Weeping is not your class;
Stand up to all your fears;
Bad times shall come to pass.
Don't let them bully you dear;
Hang on to life anyway;
Stay calm, cool 'n clear;
Tomorrow is another day!
Be brave for your honour;
Think of something bright;
Help is right at the corner;
Put up one last fight.
Give us few more smiles;
Sprinkle maternal cheers;
Twinkle hopeful eyes;
Through the cloud of tears.
We all know how you feel;
But, wipe those tears dry;
You shall overcome this ordeal;
Mother, please don't cry!