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Contained herein is Part 2 of the BOOKS activity. Part1 was sent on August 16 and contained some general notes on book sites and searching for items of interest. If you would like a copy of Part 1, send e-mail to with the subject of BOOKS and mention that you wish a copy. In Part 2, we will build a list of titles that are appropriate for CHILDREN. As we develop the list, we may choose to extend the categories.  Part 2 is divided into two sections: the first is a list of titles for children; the second, a brief form that you can complete and return to me ( , Subject: BOOKS ) to let me know of another title to add to the list.  On an irregular basis, I will send the updated listing through EEDN. Finally, if there is something that you find incorrect or you have read a particular book and would like to add a comment to the list, please e-mail me and advise.

Joe Ciuffini
- a former PC in Ethiopia

Title Publisher / Year Published/ Reader /Type/  Comments
Abeba, Daniel Ethiopia in Pictures ( Visual Geography Series) Lerner Publications/1988/ L, F, J/ Non-fiction
Araujo, Frank P. and Li, Xiao Jun ( illus. ) The Perfect Orange, A Tale from Ethiopia Toucan / 1994/  L, F, J/  Folktale set in ancient Ethiopia of an orphan girl who visits the nigus with an extraordinary gift
Ashabranner, Brent K.(editor ) The Lion's Whiskers and Other Ethiopian Tales 1997 / F/ 16 Different Ethiopian folktales
Bachrach, Shlomo  Ethiopian Folk Tales Oxford University Press /1970/  L, F, J/
Bannon, Laura and Katherine Evans(illus..) Nemo Meets the Emperor Albert Whitman& Co.   /1957/  L, F/  Some help in understanding the context required by parents.
Bodker, Cecil The Leopard Atheneum /1975/ J, A /Long story, by chapters.
Bradley, Duane and E. Harper Johnson, illus.. Meeting With a Stranger J.B. LippencottCo./ 1964/ L, F, J  Delightful story, probably based on the experiences of the Point 4 people that were in Ethiopia during the late 40's and early 50's. The resolution of the crisis is classic Ethiopian! (In a word, delightful. )
Coatsworth, Elizabeth and Ness, E ( illus..) The Princess and the Lion Pantheon Books1963  F, J
Courlander, Harold (Editor) A Treasury of African Folklore Crowne Publishers 1975 F,J,A  Folktales from many parts of Africa with a section on Ethiopia.
Courlander, Harold & Leslau, Wolf and Kane, Robert illus..  The Fire on The Mountain
and Other Stories From Ethiopia and Eritrea
Henry Holt  1995 edition available F, J, A
Davies, Russell and Ashabranner, Brent The Lion's Whiskers - Tales of High Africa Little, Brown & Co. 1959   F, J, A
Day, Nancy Raines and Grifalconi, Ann ( illus.)   The Lion,s Whiskers 1995 F, J  Folktales
Dunckel, Mona and Lumm, Mary Ann (illus.) Escape Bob Jones University Press1999J  
Elkin, Benjamin and Mitsuhashi, Yoko, illus. Such is the Way of the World Parents Magazine Press  1968   L, F  Delightful story!
Englebert, Victor  Camera on Africa: The World of an Ethiopian Boy Harcourt Brace Jovanich  1970   L, F, J  Good pictures of an Ethiopian boy in his dailyseasonal routines.
Fanouris, Mellina and Lukas Meskel: An Ethiopian Family Saga 1926-1981  1995  J, A   ??
Fradin, Dennis Ethiopia ( Enchantment of the World ) Chicago: Children's Press 1988   F, J  Non-fiction
Gartler, Marion & Blair, Frederick & Hall, George Understanding Ethiopia Laidlaw Brothers  1962   J, A  This is one of the 'Understanding Your World' Series and is non-fiction.
Gish, Steven   Ethiopia ( Cultures of the World ) Marshall Cavendish  1996   F, J Very realistic - may require parental discussion. Non-fiction book.
Gorham, Charles The Lion of Judah: A Life of Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia Ariel Books  1966  J   non-fiction
Grimble, Rosemary (story teller) The Thief Catcher and Other Stories From Ethiopia Andre Deutsch  1974  L, F, J 
Grunsell, Angela Ethiopia Heinemann Library  1998   non-fiction
Heinemann Staff Ethiopia Oxfam Publishing  ?  F, J  non-fiction
Jenkins, Earnestine A Glorious Past   Chelsea House Publishing 1994  J  non-fiction, covers Ancient Egypt, Ethiopia and Nubia
Kaula, Edna Mason   The Land and People of Ethiopia Lippincott  1965  F,J non-fiction
Keddell, Jim  Tribesmen's Plunder  Phoenix House 1957  J+, A  In the manner of
the Hardy boys, Ben and his father who works in locust control in Ethiopia are on a train from Djibouti to Addis when it is attacked by shifta who are stealing arms destined for the Emperor of Ethiopia.
Kindred, Wendy   Negatu in the Garden McGraw-Hill  1971  L, F  
Kleeberg, Irene  Ethiopia F. Watts  1986 F, J   non-fiction
Kurtz, Jane The Roof of Africa ( Discovering Our Heritage ) Dillon Press1991  F, J   Non-fiction
Kurtz, Jane The Storyteller's Beads Harcourt Brace  1998  J, A  Two girls must overcome prejudices taught to them since birth. Backdrop is the famine of the 1980's.
Kurtz, Jane and Bernhard, Durga illus. ) Trouble 1997  L, F  Teklah's father makes him a gebeta board that he can play while watching the goats. On his
way to the grazing area, he gets sidetracked. Funny story.
Kurtz, Jane and E. B. Lewis ( illus. )   Fire on the Mountain School & Library Binding
1994  L, F  Classic retelling of an Ethiopian folktale.
Kurtz, Jane and Christopher Only a Pigeon Simon & Schuster  1997   L,F, J
Based on true story based in modern Addis Ababa.
Kurtz, Jane and Cooper, Floyd ( illus. )  Pulling the Lion's Tail Simon & Schuster 1995  J, A  Folktale of a little Ethiopian girl coming to terms with her mother's death and adjusting to her new stepmother.
Laird, Elizabeth with Abba Aregawi Wolde Gabriel    The Miracle Child - A Story
from Ethiopia
Holt, Reinhart & Winston   1985  L, F, J, A  Based on the life of Saint Tekla Haymanot. Beautiful pictures!
Levitin, Sonia    The Return Fawcett Juniper  1987   J, A  A Beta Israel ( Falasha ) returns to Israel
Lye, Keith (editor) Take a trip to Ethiopia F. Watts  1986  F, J   non-fiction
Mesfin, Habte-Mariam The Rich Man and the Singer: Folktales from Ethiopia Dutton   1971 L, F, J  32 folktales
Negash, Askale Haile Selassie Chelsea House Publishing   1989  J, A  non-fiction
Nolen, Barbara Ethiopia F. Watts  1971  F, J   non-fiction
Obaba, Ali Emperor Haile Selassie
African Islamic Mission Publishing 1989 J, Anon-fiction
Pankhurst, Richard 
Ethiopia ( Let's Visit Places and Peoples of the World Series ) Chelsea House Publications   1988  J  non-fiction
Perl, Lila Ethiopia, Land of the Lion ( w illus. ) Morrow  1972   non-fiction
Schnapper, Ladena(Editor ) Teenage Refugees from Ethiopia Speak Out ( In Their Own Voices) Library Binding  1997   J, A  Very powerful stories, recommend parental guidance. Questions, etc.
Schrier, Jeffrey On the Wings of Eagles School & Library Binding   1998 F, J
A 5 year old boy tells the story of his rescue from Ethiopia to Israel.
Schur, Maxine Rose and Pinkney, Brian J. (illus.) Day of Delight : A Jewish Sabbath in Ethiopia 1994  J, A
Schur, Maxine Rose and Pinkney, Brian J. ( illus. )
When I left my Village Dial Books 1996  J, A 
Sellassie, Berhane Mariam Sahle
Warrior King Heinemann  1974  J, A   Historical Fiction based on Theodore II
Sellassie, Sahle Shinega's Village / University of California Press / 1964/ L, F, J /
Schlee, Ann Guns of Darkness /  / Simon & Schuster / 1974 / J, A / Historical Fiction
Silassie, Zeray Habte What is Your Name : Book of Eritrean & Ethiopian Names /1998 / ? / ?
Stewart, Gail Ethiopia /  / Silver Burdett Press / 1991 / J / non-fiction
Waterlow, Julia A Family from Ethiopia ( Families From Around the World /Library Binding / 1988 / F, J /

****** Cautionary Note ******

Use the date of publication as a guide to the completeness of the history in the non-fiction books.

The Book List Note that the fields are separated by '/', slashes. Author / Title / Publisher / Year Published / Reader Type / Comments

Abbreviations: illus.. = illustrations done by

Reader Type ( also written below )
L - Listening book - stories read by others.
F - First reader. Simple story, easy reading.
C - Chapter book. To be read in more than one sitting.
J - Chapter book, juvenile readers. (10 -15 years old range)
A - Chapter book, teens through adult.