Election 2005 Log

"We are collectively playing the role of midwife in the birth of the new democratic Ethiopia; the Ethiopia where ethnicity and religious bigotry will be a thing of the past," writes Professor Solomon Terfa in an article uniquely supported by valuable survey taken among Ethiopian students. Article Here. Jan 06.
In an article re-published due to popular request by our readers, Professor Solomon Terfa, a political scientist, argues that the TPLF Vs EPLF confrontation at the border needs to be solved by the Tigrean people themselves. While the rest of Ethiopia - including elementary school children - are in a daily struggle for freedom from the dictatorial and Fascistic regime of Meles Zenawi, the Tigrean people, Dr. Solomon argues, need to contribute this struggle by holding Meles accountable for his selling of Ethiopian land. Article Here. Feb 06.

"Bank robbery, uprising, and a 13-year old skinny boy". Short Story based on a true story of a 13-year old boy killed by Agazee Militia in November 2005. Here. Dec 14, 05.
The US government finally suspends the sale of Humvees to the Ethiopian dictatorial regime. Critics have argued that the Meles regime which killed as many as 250 young people in the past few months and run open-air concentration camps in Dedessa and Welo had used the Humvees to transport the feared Agazee militias inside Addis Ababa.  The Meles government has also allegedly received sophisticated eavesdropping equipment from the US. The equipment was obtained under the guise of the war on terror but critics argue that Meles' government is using it against his own citizens to monitor e-mail and phone conversation in its effort to violently suppress opposition. Jan 5, 06.

SOS Ethiopia: 43,000 political prisoners at a Nazi-style concentration camp. MediaETHIOPIA Editorial. Dec 5, 05.

In an article entitled Support for democracy in Ethiopia has to be Subordinated to US fight against International Terrorism?" Professor Solomon Terfa, an Ethiopian political scientist questions the US committment to democracy in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa in light of its silence in the face of government-sponsored terrorism. November 14, 2005.

The transition in Ethiopia is already under way," writes Professor Christopher Clapham, a leading Ethiopianist in a detailed analysis of the morally bankrupt regime of the Fascist Meles Zenawi. Here. November 14, 2005.

The continued efforts of the Ethiopian people in exposing the Fascistic acts of Meles and his TPLF party have began bearing fruit as the tide of world opinion turns against the dictator. Except the North Korea Time, Xinhua and people's Daily, almost all major papers around the world have carried stories that highlight the massacre and terror that the desperate Meles is unleashing on his own people. Story here. November 14, 05.
MediaETHIOPIA Editorial, Nov 5, 05. It is time for Meles to go. ....For the Tigrean people, on whose name Meles had come to power, it is important to realize that they have a duty to perform.

Ms. Ana Gomes, the strong-willed European Union parliamentarian appeals to EU members to 'Stop the killing of Ethiopians who dare to believe that democracy is possible in Ethiopia'.  Nov 3, 05.

It is our belief that the “Mahal Safari’ revolution of 2005 continues to carry the potent potential of throwing out PM Meles’ regime out of office in the very near future in peaceful ways and manners consistent with what we have seen in modern Ethiopia’s History.  We are also convinced that the incoming political force will survive and succeed only if it realizes that the major problem in Ethiopia is the transformation of our families in cities and villages to a middle class status with a future that offers hope. MediaETHIOPIA Editorial, Oct 10, 05.


In an article entitled "Second Chance for Ethiopia", Dr. Solomon Terfa continues to argue that 'the peoples’ premise is we are the winners'. He points out that the recent EU report that challenged the outcome of the May 05 elections may have given another opportunity for a moral higher ground for the opposition. Article here. Sep 5, 05.

In a well documented article, Professor Negussay Ayele questions and probes why the Norwegian fertilizer company, Yara, decided to 'award' $200,000 cash to Prime Minister Meles. Dr. Negussay's article adds a critical voice to 'the challenges and objections raised on the premises, the timing, and the ethics (or lack thereof) that characterize the award'. Article here. August 25, 2005.

MediaEthiopia Editorial challenges the opposition parties (CUD and UEDF) to honor the millions of votes that went for them to bring a new and hopeful Ethiopia. Here. August 15, 2005.

In an Open Letter to CUD and UEDF, Professor Solomon Terfa asks 'Why are you afraid to call for new election?'. Here. August 10, 05.

Ato Abebe Gelaw writes extensively on the unraveling scandal of the "Yara" award to Mr. Meles. Ato Abebe argues that business interest of the fertilizer company was the main motive for the award that is drawing increased criticism around the world. Here. July 23, 05.

Death toll from the Sene Lideta (June 8, 05) massacre by TPLF troops reaches 36 with hundreds wounded and almost 3000 arrested.



"For the democratic process in Ethiopia to continue, for hope to see the day of light, for Ethiopians to be assured of a season of progress instead of a continued regress to the ugly days of brutal bloodthirsty dictators who are bent on killing 17 year old children and then demand money in return for their dead bodies, the only option left this late in the process is to call for a new election." MediaEthiopia Editorial 60 days after May 15th Elections. July 15, 05.

Dr. Hagos Kahsay argues that the National Election Board and its chairman, Ato Kemal Bedri can not be impartial as they were appointed by PM Meles himself. Here. July 10, 05.

Ato Abebe Gelaw challenges Meles' respose to the US Congress Member's Letter of Protest. Here. July 3, 05.

In what is the most compelling and powerful analysis of the post-election political atmosphere in Ethiopia, Dr. Solomon Terfa, delivers a 'must-read' article that challenges the opposition, the Ethiopian people, and the quartet of International Community (EU, AU, UN, and US) to do the right thing. Here. June 24, 05.

Dagmawi uses a statistical analysis of data from 464 of the 517 weredas to conclude that 'the reported turnout figures for many weredas are not credible'. Read his preliminary report - part 1 here. (Courtesy Dagmawi/Zebenya).

A model statistical analysis of voter turn out in East Gojjam demonstrates 'large-scale vote tampering'. Dagmawi's analysis further supports the allegation that the ruling party has practiced massive vote rigging in the rural areas. Read report here.

W/t Azeb Amare and Ato Endale Hailu are two of the almost 3000 people arrested by the government forces following the Sene Lideta Massacre. Their whereabouts are still unknown (6/21/05). (Source: EthReview)

The International Tigrean Society announces solidarity with opposition parties and calls for Meles' removal. Here.

Ato Lidetu gives an account of the government's intimidation efforts on him and senior opposition leaders. Here.

Abebe Gelaw comments why PM Meles should be removed from power. Here. (June 15, 05).

In an Open Letter to the AU, EU, and the Carter Center, Professor Solomon Terfa calls for the nulling of the 5/15/05 election. Here. (June 14, 2005).

"So, what actually happened between mid-May when we thought a new Ethiopia seemed a possibility to mid-June when Mengistu Haile Mariam was reincarnated as a bold-headed, Lenin-looking, 'ager'-selling, children killing, arrogant Meles?", asks Tizibt marking a rare comeback of her 'letters from Ethiopia' column. Here. June 13, 05.

Challenge for Kinijit and Hibret to assume immediate role in administering Addis Ababa - MediaETHIOPIA Editorial - June 9, 2005.

Update from MediaETHIOPIA's Addis Ababa reporter:

June 9, 2005. The city is still in state of shock and high tensions. No gun fires have been heard today. But the police have continued arresting people, particularly youngsters. Almost all private and government workers seem to have stayed at home.

June 8, 2005. 8:00 AM. Today we are in a great trouble. The protest has spread to high schools and colleges. St. Paul and Tegbare'ed were the sites of major protests yesterday. Even other colleges like
Awassa, Alemaya, Jima and Ambo have joined the protest. Today there is no transportation at all in the city. Some buses and some taxis which attempted to work were broken by stone-throwing protesters and the very bad news is we are hearing gun shots here and there and the siren of Ambulances, especially from the side of Merkato. So far nothing has been said from the government side except Ato Arkebe declared the Ministry Examination for Grade 8 will be started at 10 AM (local time) because of transport problem. Yesterday there were flyers everywhere calling for boycott of work and transport. Dr. Brehanu of CUD interviwed by VOA said that this has nothing to do with CUD. Shops and other services are all closed and the tension is really high in the city. We are all anxious and worried.

11:00 AM. The situation in Addis is getting out of hand. Infront of my office, youngsters have started
protesting shouting "Wetabelew wetatun Wetabelew" and throwing stones in to the police cars. The Police fired guns but I don't see and casuality so far.

8:00 PM. The protest has cooled down. I mean gun shots have cooled down, but we are
learning that a number of people are dead and hundreds are wounded. A friend of mine who is a nurse in Zewditu Hospital told me that he has counted 30 youngsters wounded on the leg and one lady died after reaching the hospital. Tension still is very high. There are reports from unconfirmed sources that there is a call for a complete civil disobedience and stikes all over the city in teh coming days.

MediaETHIOPIA reporter documents a firsthand account report of the post-election student unrest in Addis Ababa. Here. June 7, 2005.

Widespread unrest in Ethiopia's university and college campuses reported on Monday, June 6, 05. Hundreds of students around Addis Ababa have reportedly been arrested and sent to Shoa Robit detention centers. The unrest has also reportedly spread to Debub University in Awassa and also possibly to Bahir Dar University in the north. June 6, 2005.
'The Emperor Has No Clothes' - MediaETHIOPIA Editorial - June 1, 2005.

Official NEBE Election Results Update (June 6, 05)
EPRDF + Surrogates - 323 Seats
CUD + UEDF + Allies - 194 Seats.
Total = 517 Seats out of 524 Seats. (Note: These results are what the government appointed body, NEBE publishes and are subject to challenge by any of the parties to the election process).

Mass protest against vote rigging, intimidation, and flawed non-transparent vote counting by the EPRDF government is planned by Ethiopians living abroad on May 26, 05. Details.

MediaETHIOPIA reports on the preliminary results of the elections where CUD and Hibret have made significant enough gains that have raised the possibility of an opposition win. Read Report. May 18/22, 05.

Election Facetious: Out of 23 incoming parliamentarians from Addis Ababa, 2 are engineers, 5 are doctors, 1 is a professor, and 1 is a priest.

M. Ashenafi Ze-Shegol Meda writes his first 'Letter from Ethiopia' column focusing on the May 05 elections. "Kardachin Bejachin - Kinijt MirChachen" is one of the slogans at the AAU, writes Memhir Ashenafi as Ethiopia prepares for its Historical elections. Read Letter Here.

MediaETHIOPIA presents a survey of opinion of ordinary Ethiopians regarding the upcoming national elections scheduled for May 2005. We interviewed 25 Ethiopians; 5 outside the country and 20 inside. The opinions documented here are varied with one interviewee  commenting 'the land tenure is more of a debate issue for the opposition than the farmers concerned.' How have times changed?

Part 1. (Addis Ababa & Diaspora)
Part 2. (Bahr Dar, Markos, Welliso, Nekemtie)
Part 3. (Ato Dereje Berhanu of Addis Ababa gives a detailed response)
Part 4. (Responses from Goba, Dolo, Shashemene, and Addis Ababa. "Meles has an answer even for insults', says one resident of Addis.)

A new opinion survey by Addis Zena shows Coalition (Kinijt) leading by 74% in Addis Ababa (April 28, 05).

Yosef Yisak challenges the recent "Initiative for Africa" poll which claimed Meles getting 70% vote for popular political leader (March 30, 05).

MediaETHIOPIA Endorsement for Election 2005. Read Editorial Here. April 28, 05.