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Monday March 3, 1997

-Opening Remarks, Dr. Minga Negash (ISCEPC President)
-Key-note speech (W/O Berhane Yeraswork)
-Paper 1: Professor Adeno Addis, Tulane University, LA, USA

Tuesday March 4, 1997

-Profile on Ato Abera Yemane-Ab -
(compiled from material provided kindly by Alem Tsehay Gebru)
-Paper 2: Prof. Getachew Haile, St. Johns University, Mennesota, USA
-Poem 1: Mekonnen Wondimu, UK

Wednesday March 5, 1997

-Key-note speech (Prof. Teodore Vestal)
-Profile on Dr. Taye Wolde Semayat
(contributed by Dr. Assefa Negash, Amesterdam, Holland)
-Poem 2: Amha Asfaw, University of Missouri, USA

Thursday March 6, 1997

-Profiles on Ato Tsegaye G/Medhin (contributed by Araya Amsalu)

-Profile on Fitawrari Mekonnen Dori

-Paper 3: Dr. Assefa Negash, Amesterdam, Netherlands.

-Poem 3: Prof. Awetu Simesso, Stanford University, CA.

Friday March 7, 1997

-Profile on Professor Asrat Woldeyes (by Girma Bekele)

-Profile on Professor Asrat Woldeyes (by Assefa Negash)

-Poem 4: Mekonnen Wondimu, UK

-Poem 5: Sara Amesalu, Swarthmore College, PA

Saturday March 8, 1997

-Profile on Professor Alemayehu Teffera
-Personal Testimony on HR Abuses - Artist Tamagne
-Closing Remarks by ISCEPC

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