Major Historical Events

  1. The Great Adwa Victory

  2. Richard Pankhurst's Library of Ethiopian History

  3. The 5-Year War of Resistance

  4. Site on General Wingate (Fought alongside Ethiopia against Fascist Italy)

  5. Blue Nile (Abay) River Studies Center

  6. Mikyas & Co Site on Ethiopian History

Family Corner

  1. Children's Books (Compiled by Joe Ciuffini- former PCV)

  2. Ethiopian Music Collection (real audio)

  3. A Preview of Ethiopian Music (By Z. Bekele)

  4. Ethiopian music Collection in MP3 (downloadable) and more at habasha.com.

Sports and Athletics

  1. Ethiopian Athletics Legends Web-site

  2. Ethiopian Soccer News

  3. Lucy Ethio-Football Task-2000-AA,Ethiopia

  4. Dashen Soccer Club

  5. EthioStar (Wash. DC)

  6. Ethio LA Stars (Los Angeles, USA)

  7. Baro Sport Club(Seattle) (New)

Languages and Script

  1. Baye Yimam's Article - (AAU)

  2. Hailu Fulass & Bender

  3. Some Online Ethiopian Literature


Online Conferences

  1. EthCITA Conference on Ethiopics (1994)

  2. EEDN Conference on Developemnt Issues

  3. ISCEPC Conference on Human Rights Issues(1996)

  4. Computational Ethiopics Symposium

Software & Computational Ethiopics

  1. EthioSystems

  2. Brana

  3. EthioSoft

  4. Feedel

  5. ECS

  6. GeezSoft

  7. Goha-Tibeb

Engineering Resources

  1. Ethiopian Engineering Resources (Resources on Earthquake Engg., water resources etc.)

Internet & Ethiopics

  1. Contributions by EthioSystems

  2. Physics TextBook


Schools and Colleges

  1. St. Joseph High School

  2. Nativity Catholic School (New)

  3. ACS(ICS)

  4. Nazareth School

  5. Harar M/Alem 

  6. Lycee  

  7. Eth. Students Assoc. in UMD

  8. AAU

Human Rights & Governance

  1. Human Rights and Governance

  2. Victims of Red/White Terror  Memorial Web-site (Parental/Teacher Guidance Recommended)


Comm.  Organizations

  1. LMCC

  2. YMCA

  3. Getachew Bolodia Memorial

  4. Saint Gabriel Church -Seattle

  5. Eth. Christian Fellowship in Los Angeles

  6. Living Gospel Church
  7. Seleda-Online Magazine

  8. International Conference on AIDS in Ethiopia.

  9. Partners Against HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia

  10. Erkab Online Magazine (Norway)

  11. The Other Face of Ethiopia

  12. Gondar Link (School Exchange Pgm)

  13. Ethiopian National Congress (New)

  14. ImperialEthiopia.org

Professional Organizations

  1. EthCITA (Ethiopian Computing & Information Technology Association)

  2. Ethiopian Scientific Society

  3. Eth. Computers Standards Association

  4. Ethiopian Economic Association

  5. Ethiopian Professionals Association Network

  6. Ethiopian Agro-Biology Web-Site

  7. Ethiopian Institute of Bio-Diversity Conservation and Research 

  8. Web-site for Ethiopian Professors

Misc. Ethiopian Links
  1. EthioYellowPages

  2. Ethio-Guide.com

  3. Habasha.com

  4. AwtarNet (New)

  5. EthioIndex (New)


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